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Twenty year old Renae juggles school and her job at the coffee shop Insomnia.  Music is her obssession.  She is often seen as the quiet, kind of shy one trying to lead a Christian life.  She is not one for taking risks.

This twenty-four year old is the opposite of her best friend and roommate.  Deciding to not do the college thing for now, she works her butt off at her job.  She is outgoing and not afraid to be blunt.  However, she considers Renae just like a sister and will stick up for her.

The twenty-one year old is the oldest of the Hanson band trio.  Often seen as the romantic "dork", he is loved by fans.  However, how big of a risk was it for him the first night he met Renae?

Definitely admired as the "absolutely gorgeous one" of the band, Taylor is the one to want everything under control and is a stickler about time.  While he likes to tease and make wisecracks at his brothers sometimes, he is very supportive, even if he cannot always choose the right words.

The obvious goofy one, Zac can sometimes seem to have a bad attitude.  It's just the way he is.  Like his brothers, Zac is very supportive when the time arises.