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Chapter One

    There she was, sitting in front of a computer.  "I don't want to be here," she thought.  It was just 4 weeks into her junior year of college, and she didn't want to be sitting in front of a computer, hearing the prof drone on about computer things that she already knew.  She wanted to be back in the her bed...thinking of the previous night.  Pulling in late nights singing at a coffee shop for a pocketful of change may not have been many college students' dream of making money, but Renae enjoyed it tremendously.  In front of the small, intimate audience with her blue acoustic guitar and her case open for people to drop in donations or song requests.
    Renae had started the job the previous semester, around Christmas time.  While she had a work study during the day at the community college library, she still needed more money.  That's how working at Insomnia started.  She often played requests and some of her original work.  When requests didn't come in, Renae would cover a few tunes.
    "Okay, your assignment will be online and it is due next time we meet," the prof replied.  Renae picked up her backpack and headed out the door to make the mile walk to the apartment she shared with Anne, her friend.  Her mind filled with the thought of him...  She had just done one of her favorite songs to perform, "I Wish That I Was There", when the tall, lanky guy came walking up to her guitar case and slipped a piece of paper--actually, a napkin--into it.  Renae gave him a polite smile and informed him that she was doing one more song and couldn't do his request.
    "That's fine," he answered.  He then walked out of the shop, Renae finished her song, started to pack up.  She opened the napkin the guy had slipped in her guitar case.  "You did great," it read, and had a number down at the bottom with some chicken scratch that she assumed was the guy's name, but she couldn't decipher it, which was quite a feat since she could usually read poor handwriting!
    Snapping out of her thoughts, she climbed up the stairs and unlocked her door.  Anne was finally up and eating lunch.  "Hi," Renae greeted.
    "Hey!"  Anne replied back in a half-sleepy tone.  Anne worked graveyards at the local Taco Cabana, and usually didn't get up until almost 5 in the evening, but she was up instead at 1 in the afternoon.  "If you're wondering why I'm up, it's because I don't have to go in tonight," she replied.
    "Cool," Renae answered.
    "So, how was last night at the coffee shop?"
    "It was a night.  Some guy left me his number."
    "Oh?" Anne arched an eyebrow.  "Did you call him?"
    "Hell no!  I don't even know the guy!"
    "Was he cute?"
    "Well, yeah..."
    "Then call him," Anne answered.
    "I don't know...I mean, he left me a note saying I did great, with his number and something scrawled out.  I think it was his name, but I'm not quite sure what it is."
    "Let me see it," Anne said.  She watched Renae fish the note out of her pocket.  "You carried the note around?  Interesting..."
    "Just because I was trying to figure out what the scrawling said," Renae defended.  She loved her best friend, but sometimes Anne could be annoyingly perceptive.  Anne took the napkin and studied it hard.  "Well, it looks like the first letter is an 'I'."
    "Oh great, I can see myself calling this number and saying, 'Hey, does someone who's name begins with an 'I' and visited Insomnia coffee Shop last night have this telephone number?"
    "Why not?"  Anne said.
    "Sorry, not me Anne, and you know it."
    "Okay," Anne replied.  She got up, put her dish in the sink, picked up the cordless telephone, and sat down at the table, dialing.
    "What are you doing?" her roommate asked suspiciously.
    "You'll see," answered Anne.  Renae watched Anne, waiting to see what she was doing.  She soon found out.  "Hello, is there someone there who's name begins with an 'I'?  Okay, good."  She handed the phone to Renae, who shook her head silently.  A silent war went between the two, until finally Renae took the phone.  "Hello?  This is Renae.  I think you left me your number."