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    Chapter 2

    Isaac was sitting on the piano bench, tuning his guitar.  After having a break from the songwriting process last night, he and his brothers were back to the grind, coming up with songs for the next album.  He wondered about the chick he saw at Insomnia...Renae.  Would she call him? Yeah right, he thought to himself.  She probably thinks you're some psycho, giving her your number.  Or she could have just thrown it away, not even looking at it.  What were you thinking, dumbass???
   "Wow, you're actually meeting on time?" Taylor asked as he walked in, jolting Isaac out of his self-abuse.  "What, there weren't any parties to go to?"  He pushed his blonde hair out of his eyes.
    "Very funny, Tay," Isaac said.  "No, for your information I went to Insomnia last night.  They've got someone there who does a pretty awesome job of playing and singing."
    "And I bet I already know stuff about this someone," Taylor teased.  "This someone plays the guitar and is female."
    "Who plays guitar and is female?" Zac asked as he entered the room, pulling his hair back into a ponytail and choosing a spot on the floor.
    "Isaac's new love interest," Taylor informed.
    "She's not my love interest!" Isaac defended.  "She's just a good player and singer.  And I think she may be a fan.  She played 'Wish That I Was There', and did a good job too."
    Zac laughed, "yeah, I think you're right Tay!  Isaac's got it bad!"  Isaac's cellphone went off and he grabbed it.  He pressed send and held the phone to his ear.
    A girl's voice came through the receiver.  "Is there someone there whose name begins with an 'I'?"
    "Yes, my name does," Isaac answered, confused.
    "Okay, good."  There was silence for a few seconds, then another voice came.  "Hello?  This is Renae.  I think you left me your number?"
    Isaac held the phone away for a second.  Oh God, he thought. She actually called!  He saw his brothers watching him. Okay, play it cool Ike.  Placing the phone back up to his ear, he answered, "Yes I did.  I just wanted to say that you did fantastic last night, and I was wondering if you'd like to get together sometime."  Ike heard his brothers snicker, and he somehow managed to elbow Tay and kick Zac.
    "Umm, I have to say that I don't really know you.  I don't even know your name!"
    "My name is Isaac," he replied, with a smile on his face.  "You can call me Ike."
    "Well Ike, as lovely as it sounds, I think I'm going to have to pass on it.  Like I said, I don't really know you.  But thank you."
    "Well hey, it's okay," Isaac said.  "I know that it was weird to-"  Isaac stopped for a second, realizing that his brothers were right there.  "-to do that to you.  Maybe I'll see you around."
    "Maybe," Renae said.  She had such a friendly sounding voice.  "Well, goodbye."
    "Bye," Isaac said, and he heard her disconnect.  He looked up at his brothers.  "Don't say anything.  Let's just get to work."
    "Okay, Ike.  Oops, do I have the privelege to call you that?"  Zac joked.
    "Smartass," Isaac muttered.

    Renae pressed the end button on the phone.  "Okay, that was strange," she replied as she set the phone down.
    "What happened?"  Anne asked.  "Did he ask you out??"
    Renae chuckled.  "Yeah, he did."
    "So, when are you two going out??"
    "Half past never.  I don't even know the guy, Anne!  He could be some psycho!"
    "You don't take enough risks," Anne muttered.
    "Sorry, I like to play it safe.  Now, I've got to get online and check for my assignments, and then I've got to finish that lit essay for tomorrow before I go up to Insomnia tonight.  I'm thinking about quitting the library anyway and going to work with Insomnia anyway."
    "But you need the money, Renae,"  Anne said.  "Are you sure that would be a smart move?"
    "I don't know.  I think I'll wait and see how things are at the end of this month.  It's just that I'm not enjoying the library as much as I used to.  Well, I must go off to the wonderful world of homework!"  Renae left the kitchen area with a dramatic flourish and went into her room.  She turned on her stereo which started to play This Time Around.  Now there was a band...Hanson.  Sure, she got teased at times, but she didn't care.  The music was awesome, and they weren't too bad looking either.  Of course, she had never ran into them during the course of the year, even though she was in Tulsa.  She wasn't the type to even go looking for their house.  She got online and quickly looked up the assignment.  A small Power Point presentation.  No big deal.  Within 30 minutes she had it done, and then spent the rest of the time finessing her English lit essay.  By the time she was done, she had enough time to get ready and grab a sandwich.  She ate the sandwich, took a shower, and got dressed.  Anne walked in as Renae slipped a blue sweater on.
    "So, you're about to head out to Insomnia?" Anne asked.
    "Yeah, of course," Renae answered as she sprayed on some of her favorite perfume.
    "You only use that perfume for special occasions," Anne pointed out.
    "Says who?"
    "I don't have to say; I know you.  We've lived in the same apartment for about a year.  You think he's going to come back."
    Renae rolled her eyes.  "Yeah, right.  Besides, why should I care?"
    "Exactly," Anne agreed.
    "I mean, tons of guys come into Insomnia.  Even guys that are TEN times better looking than that guy."
    "Of course."  Anne smiled as Renae gave her an "oh-shut-up" look.
    "Are you going to give me a ride up there?" Renae asked Anne.  "I don't want to leave you stranded here without a car."
    "Sure," Anne said.  "Let me get my shoes on.  Just call me when you need to come home."

    "Where are you going?" Zac asked Isaac as his older brother put on his leather jacket.
    "Does it matter?" Ike shot back.  "I'm going out, that's all."
    "Mmmmhmmm," Zac hummed.
    "What?"  Isaac asked.
    "Oh, nothing.  Just don't get too wired at Insomnia."
    "Whatever," Isaac mumbled, grabbing his keys and heading down to his car.