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Welcome to Acceptable Risks, my own online saga.  Yes, it is fan fiction, but I like to call it an online saga for the sheer reason that everything that is written is written spontaneously on my computer, and then transferred to the site.  It does not go through a revision process.  It is unrehearsed, just coming out of this brain of mine.  In essence, the story itself is a risk.  At first it started out having no title, but after seeing where the story was going and making my "Cast of Characters" page, I realized that the word 'risk' was coming up a lot.  Therefore, please enjoy Acceptable Risks.

I am in no way affiliated with the group Hanson, and none of this is to be considered truth.  It is a work of pure fiction.  Please, do not hold me accountable for any of this.  I call it "creative license."  Thank you very much.

Yay!  I received my first award!


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